http error 404.8 - not found

the request filtering module is configured to deny a path in the url that contains a hiddensegment section.

most likely causes:

  • request filtering is configured for the web server and it contains a hiddensegments section that allows the server administrator to deny access to specific directories.

things you can try:

  • verify configuration/system.webserver/security/requestfiltering/hiddensegments settings in the applicationhost.config or the web.config file.

detailed error information:

module   requestfilteringmodule
notification   beginrequest
handler   staticfile
error code   0x00000000
requested url
physical path   d:\webhosting\clients\2902ff8e-8d4a-49c7-990b-8f8cc79d0480\wwwroot\help\bin\index.html
logon method   not yet determined
logon user   not yet determined

more information:

this is a security feature. do not change this feature unless the scope of the change is fully understood. if content should be served from a specific directory being denied by this setting, remove the denied directory from configuration/system.webserver/security/requestfiltering/hiddensegments.

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